Our feature:

From baby bottle to balanced meals!

In our Crèche-Garderie du National the specific needs of each child are always respected by the team of the nursery.

We pay a particular attention in introducing of solid foods to babies and follow the parents’ guidelines for feeding their infants.

Our meals are cooked on site by a professional chef specialized in nutrition and dietetics.

Our chef has extensive experience in the culinary field. He prepares with care the meals for babies and toddlers.

The educational team of daycare follows the advices of the
Swiss Society of Pediatrics.

Our goal:

Balanced, suitable and varied meals!

  • The composition and the quantity of our meals is in strict accordance with the recommendations of Swiss Society of Nutrition.
  • The chef of the nursery guarantees the variety of the menus and cooked products: red meats and poultry, starchy vegetables, cereal products, etc.
  • We serve from 1 to 2 vegetarian meals a week.
  • Our team provide only fresh products. The vegetables and fruits come from regional farmers.
  • The served snacks respect various alternations: sweet and salty, food and processed or unprocessed product, fat – dairy – sweet products, pastry.

Our pedagogical axis:

Enjoy your meal and enjoy making discoveries!

  • Our staff accompany the child in the discovery of food and help him manage his possible concerns so that he can start the meal in a relaxed and friendly way.
  • We encourage exchange on preferences and tastes, which is particularly important to help children with food neophobia.
  • Our team let the children participate in the preparation of the table (serving and clearing) according to the age of group. The child feels encouraged in his learning of autonomy and taste.
  • We teach the child, with assistance of an adult, to gauge and recognize his degree of satiety. Recognizing the signal of satiety helps to know the limit of hunger.
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The meal is a moment of exchange, observation, curiosity, mimicry… and fun!